WDP Zine and Metaphysical Fair

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WDP Zine and Metaphysical Fair, a series of events happening over the weekend or March 24-25 and during the stay of the first Walls Divide Press artist-in-residence Angel Lauren Garcia.



Tattoos by Angel Lauren Garcia

Angel is planning to be tattooing on Thursday (March 22) and Friday (March 23) from 12 - 8pm. Please contact her directly to set up your appointment via Instagram @humanrind

$40 deposit

** If you are wanting custom work, you should contact Angel soon, probably this week so that she'll have time to draw!
*** If you contacted Angel a while ago and haven't heard back, please try again. Some correspondence may be buried in her DM/inbox, and she doesn't want to miss you!



Crying Club

Please join us for an evening of performances and projections by artists Edgar Fabián Frías, Angel Lauren Garcia, Crying Club founder Joel Parsons, and more. 
Saturday, March 24, 2018 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Hang out around the fire and support queer artists and DIY practice. You'll take home a spell crafted by Corkey Sinks and a recommended reading list + watch list + playlist by Walls Divide Press.
Suggested donation of $10 | Venmo Corkey or cash

Bring your membership hanky for a second teardrop applique (new hankies or hankies for first timers are $5 and include tears in perpetuity).




Breathing and Meditation Workshop with Jeff Rhodin - 1:00pm

Jeff Rhodin will be leading a breathing and meditation workshop at 1:00pm in advance of the Open Studio. 

Open Studio - 2:00pm - 5:00pm

Open studio and sale with Angel Lauren Garcia, Joel Parsons, Alex Paulus, Tess Schwartz, Erica Qualy, Walls Divide Press, and more.



Email Tarot Readings by Corkey Sinks

From March 20 - 27, readings are on sale for $30. 

Readings include an image of your 3-card spread, a reading of each card in its position and in relationship to the other cards, and Corkey’s interpretations of patterns and archetypes. 

“Spot-on!” - Tess Schwartz  
Freaky.” - Jamie Steele
“I made the photo the backdrop on my phone.” - Joel Parsons

Corkey will email you upon purchase.